Secure online payment via PayPal:

Fast, simple and safe, PayPal is the payment solution used by online stores.
Also you do not need to create a PayPal account, you simply and quickly fill the form and then set a paypal using your credit card. Quest that paypal Paypal is the best way to send and receive payments online for individuals and businesses, even without owning a PayPal account.

Paypal Advantages

-With PayPal, you can quickly pay by credit card (all types), but the recipient of your payment only see your email address, because you do not call him your bank details or payment card as in a conventional payment.

You can view the details of your transactions in real time.

-Your Confidential data is never sent to a third party and are protected by the best methods vryptage market.

-You're Covered at 100%

Cost Paypal

Payment via PayPal is totally free for you. We endure FULL transaction costs. For further explanation on how to pay with PayPal, see the PayPal oficial site. Delivery Upon settlement via PayPal, we instantly receive a payment notification, allowing us to send you your order without any delay.